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We have had personal experience with all 12 brands below, each great for giving during the Winter Solstice month of celebration. Best viewed via desktop.

Simple Minimalist Frames
Simple Minimalist Frames
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for 22% off orders over $26, thru the 2022 Solstice.

Based out of ATL, KNOWING offers Ritual Research Journals, Lil Astro Stickers and Moon Journals.

Complex booze-free beverages infused with herbs and adaptogens to help you unwind.

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Wyrd's aromatic blends work on multiple levels, affecting both subtle and material realms.

Exquisite botanical goods for home, beauty & well-being.

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Goodbye Press are based out of Chicago, IL, specializing in comics, limited edition prints, stickers & apparel. Use holiday code "SUNFLOWER" for 10% off.

Kitchen Magick from South ATL

Elderberry tinctures, teas, salves & more. Available at MotherLode.

Wellness Collaborator

Perennial Herb Grower offering

personalized product consults.

Shirts, Hoodies, Pullovers

Limited time design campaign from The Femme Moon, available on Bonfire. Art Nouveau design by Liz Yo.

All Bonfire campaigns are batch printed, packaged and shipped once each campaign ends.

Offering a range of services, from massage therapy to energy healing, along with a boutique of divine gifts, including the Colonel Mustard body soak, available instore now.

From Annabel Gat, Vice horoscope columnist & author of The Astrology of Love & Sex, comes a fascinating guide that provides a deeper look at Moon signs—the zodiac sign the moon occupied at one's birth. Most casual fans of astrology are familiar with their Sun sign, but your Moon sign is just as essential to your astrological profile. While the Sun sign symbolizes your ego and will, your Moon sign represents your inner world, your emotional landscape—your feelings, memories, and subconscious; your fears, needs, and desires.

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Inspired by the goth subculture, streetwear, nature, alternative people of color, & comfort. Designed for all ethnicities, genders, sexualities, body types, & walks of life.

The Cyberia collection will be available until the end of December. Next drop is Valentine's 2023, with nods to Gothic literature.

Astrology + Tarot package $125

Readings are a wonderful way to navigate your inner and outer world. Combined with astrology, both serve as a compass to aid in transitions, transformations, bringing you back home to your intuition & center. Helpful for choosing a path and connecting with your purpose & higher being, the Astro + Tarot package will be available from Dec 5 to 20, Dec 28 to 31, and January 5 onward in the New Year.

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With a focus on aligning with the seasons, astrology, and psychology instead of quarterly deadlines & hustle culture, the Auralign Planner was created with self-acceptance & reconnection to nature at its roots.



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CURSES is a story-rich, hand drawn, 2D, point-&-click game with multiple magic mechanics mini-games. Set in the 1990s & packed with nostalgic—often goth—references, you play as Girl, a 16 year old with dark feelings and major troubles. The game features a novel branching narrative system based on emotions.